Distillery DaaS concept

Micro Distillery Business: DaaS

The 100cc Club are starting a distillery!

The concept is ‘Distillery as a Service or DaaS’. Customer will supply their own wash and we’ll distil it. Safely and legally. We’ll charge a fee for the still run and charge the duty too and return them the spirit to the customer.

So here is the ask: We need some “Letters of intent” from home brewers that are prepared to make a commitment to have us distil their Home Brew once we have a still up and running.  

We can’t promise when it will be or even if it will be.  Only that we’ll take your wash and distil it for you and return it to you after you pay the duty at £28.74 per litre of pure spirit and plus a small still fee. Bear in mind that the duty is payable per litre of pure spirit, so if your spirit is 50% ABV, then you’ll pay £14.37 per litre of product.

It’s a big ask, but those LOI would really be helpful to HMRC. We’ve made a template here, please copy it and drop us an email to turbotas@yahoo.com