Hi there. Welcome to 100cc.club – a website dedicated to spirit drinkers and soon maybe, home brewers across the country.

We are based in the UK and we have a few interesting things to offer you.

The 100cc Club

There are a few single measure sizes packs these days and they are very popular. In these pandemic times we’ve been using them ourselves to organise virtual tastings. But there is still a gap – those that want more than a dram, but less than a bottle.

Enter the 100cc Club. We’ll regularly send you a set of three or four 100cc sample bottles with some amazing spirits in. We’ll scour the spirit world for some amazing drams.

We plan to do this sustainably. With each set, you’ll get a return paid envelope to get the bottles back to us so we can clean and reuse them.

Each bottle will have a reference code so you can use our companion app and get the tasting note and information for the drinks that you have.

Distillery as a Service (DaaS)

If you are a home brewer that wants to take the next step to distilling, let us distil your wash for you! We are starting a micro distillery as-a-service model and could do with your help: read more here!

Uniquely aged Whisky

We are trying a new way to authentically age whisky – not with flavours. These products will take time to develop, but information will be here when it’s available.

The London Distillery Company 109 Cask Bootleg Edition

Let us rewind back to 2015. The London Distillery Company became the first distillery in over a hundred years to begin distilling whisky in London.  Whisky visionary Darren Rook took the company kicking and screaming into whisky production. And it was not an easy journey.  There have been casualties.

Matilda, the TLDC 650 litre whisky still, has only run in anger a few times and even now, she is not running.  But back then in 2015, she was working and the product of those early runs of Matilda were a batch of tiny twenty litre casks. Just 109 of them. These little oaken babies had spent their first two years holding bourbon at the Kings Country Distillery in New York before arriving in London for their (and the worlds) first taste of London produced new make for a century.  The casks were sold to customers and shareholders and they got snapped up pretty fast!

The 109 series casks were filled in September 2015 and by December of the same year, Matilda had been put into storage – not yet to return to operation.

By late 2018 the casks came of age and were offered for collection to the owners.  This one – cask 59, was left in the cask for another year and then bottled in December 2019 at cask strength of 62%

Putting the spirit into 20 litre casks was inspired.  The large surface area per litre of spirit accelerates the ageing and you could easily be mistaken for thinking you are drinking a much more mature spirit.

But enough with the description – there are not any detailed tasting notes with this whisky.  The small run of 109 diminutive cask-ettes means that as you can imagine, this is a unique whisky. 

Please enjoy it, and please us know what you think.  We’ve been thinking that 100ml samples might be a great way for whisky drinkers to enjoy whisky without committing to a whole bottle per month or per quarter.  Give me your thoughts on that too!

Your choices are a 100ml sample or a full half litre.  Both are at cask strength of 62%, just as they came out of the cask.

Ordering info: Please note that we can only sell whisky in the UK.  Also, note that due to licensing laws, we can only sell alcohol periodically, so there will be some delay in dispatching your order.  We’ll store it up and try and send all the orders together.  we’ll let you know when that will be soon after you order and we promise you it will be worth the wait.  You are buying whisky from the 100cc Club but our ordering and fulfilment partner may show on your invoice as Lateral Thought Ltd or Workshop Mayhem. Age verification will be required prior to fulfilling your order. Please note – we are not VAT registered.

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