LOI Template


Dear Toby,

I am interested in the idea that you could start a micro distillery as a Distillery-As-A-Service model, as described on your company website.  I would love to get involved as a supplier, customer or both!

Please treat this communication as a Letter Of Intent (LOI) for me to act as a supplier and customer of the 100cc Club DaaS concept.  I can’t commit to specific dates or volumes, but as we discussed, you can’t yet commit to dates until HMRC approve the still application.  

My batch size will be typical home brew volume – between 30 and 60 litres of wash.

I understand the business model, that I will be charged a fee for processing the wash and that you will also bill me the duty due for the spirit produced and that this will become due immediately.  I understand that the prevailing rate will apply and is currently £28.74 per litre of pure spirit.

I understand that HMRC require this communication as part of your submission to them and I’m happy for you to share it.

Best regards